When is it a good idea to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Sometimes things happen to us in life that we really have no control over.  One of these things, off the top of my head, is getting laid off.  It may have been nothing you did wrong.  Maybe the company you worked for was just downsizing.  So you lost your job?  Now what happens? Hopefully, you’ll

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So I die without a trust? Who cares?

The answer to this question is very simple:  your family.  I constantly find myself trying to explain to people that writing a will is only half the battle when it comes to planning your estate.  The reason is complicated.  When you write a will, it’s normal to think “okay, I got that taken care of. 

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Still learning new things

I found out something this week that surprised me immensely.  Did you know that if you are on VA benefits, or need to qualify for need based benefits, you can put all of your property in an irrevocable trust so that it’s out of your name, and file and qualify for benefits the next day?

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Following through on your bankruptcy from the beginning to the end

Lately I have seen an increasing number of clients failing to perform all the necessary requirements to receive a discharge (discharge is the process of getting rid of your debt) in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  Most Chapter 7 bankruptcies are quite straight forward.  You take a credit counseling class before you file,

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Common Question

As a practicing bankruptcy attorney I often get the same question from potential clients.  That question is, “do we have to go to court?”  In an outtake from a previous radio interview, I answer that exact question right here. For more information on bankruptcy, see see our bankruptcy page.

The Morality of Filing Bankruptcy

“But I just don’t think it’s moral or the right thing to do.” That’s a sentence I hear a lot, and many times it’s this thought process that will keep someone who really, legitimately needs to file for bankruptcy from doing so.   Individuals who decide against filing bankruptcy because of its implications with morality will

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Tomorrow’s radio day

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 7, 2012, I will be live on AM 890 and 94.1 KTLR in Oklahoma City at 7:30 a.m. to discuss bankruptcy and assorted topics.

Who’s going to find out about your bankruptcy?

Over the last 12 years of practicing bankruptcy law, I have found that there is one issue many people are concerned with, which often keeps them from filing bankruptcy.  Due to this “fear”, several people end up not filing and instead find themselves in much worse trouble in the future.  I’ve even met people who

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A little unsolicited, free advice. Dude, that’s free legal advice.

I’ve been practicing law for about 12 years now, but never have I had to deal with the following scenario so often or in such detail.  In fact, I would say that the issue presented in this post has come up maybe 5 times as often this year as in any time in the past. 

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