Social Security Disability and Property Ownership

I often get the following question:  “If I own property, even a lot of property, can I still qualify for disability?”  The answer each and every time is an astounding “yes”.  Disability has nothing to do with your net worth or what you may own.  As an American, you’ve been paying Social Security taxes out of your paychecks your whole life, or if you are self employed, you’ve been paying self employment taxes (I hope).   That means that when you get sick and need to draw disability, you’re actually getting the money back that you paid into the system.  There’s no means testing.

Keep in mind, however, that on top of their Social Security disability, some people also qualify for SSI, or Supplemental Security Income.  SSI is means based and does depend on what you own and what assets you have access to.  There are limitations on the amount of money you can have or property you can own.  If you have very few resources and are struggling to get by even after your disability payments, the government will help you with additional SSI payments.

It is very important to recognize the distinction between these two programs, as they are often lumped into one and cause a lot of confusion.  Everyone who is disabled qualifies for disability insurance.  Not everyone qualifies for SSI.

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