Hello Moore and Everyone South of I-240

This isn’t really going to be a blog about a legal topic.  I’m not going to provide any advice.  I’m not going to tell anyone what they need to do to protect themselves legally or in any other way.  I guess I’m simply saying “hi”.  You see, I’ve been practicing law for eleven years (it hardly seems like yesterday when I started, but I digress).  I have spent 100% of those eleven years working in Bethany and NW OKC, meeting people, making contacts, getting my name out there, and, well, basically, getting comfortable with that side of town.

Finally, in January, the time came for me to move on from my old stomping grounds.  My employer over all those years retired, I looked around a few places over in Bethany for office space, but in the end accepted an invitation to office with one of my good buddies, Cale Maddy, who has been practicing on his own for several years now.  The only problem is that he is a Moore guy.  He’s familiar with these parts.  He knows people out here.  He even lives out here.  I don’t know a soul.  I definitely needed a change of scenery though, so when given the opportunity to start fresh, I took it.  I think it’s good for everyone to start fresh every once in awhile.  It brings new perspective.  It brings new adventures.  It teaches us new lessons.  It expands our horizons.  I miss the Bethany area a little bit.  I miss the contacts I have on that side of town, but at the same time I eagerly embrace the adventures that await me here in the Moore/Norman area.  I guess, to all of you in the area, I just wanted to introduce myself and say “hello”.  I look forward to getting to know you.


About Ryan P. DeArman, Esq.

Ryan P. DeArman, Esq. Attorney At Law 2512 N. Moore Ave. Moore, OK 73160 405.501.7640 / 405.578.4336 fax rdearman@cox.net / www.rpdearmanlaw.com
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