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An unfortunate part of life is that at some point, loved ones die.  Should they pass away with a will and trust, taking care of their estate should be quite easy and painless.  However, what happens when your loved one dies either unexpectedly, or having failed to write a trust?  The answer:  Probate.  Their estate must be probated.  This is a the process by which their assets are distributed to their heirs according to the provisions of their will, or if they left no will, then in accordance with the laws of the state of Oklahoma.  Probate can be very costly and time consuming.  Consider for instance, if your loved one died as the sole owner of a house.  How can you sell that house?  You don’t have title.  You can’t transfer the deed.  In this situation, a judge must step in and transfer it in your place.  Obviously, this takes an attorney, a judge, court time, and court expenses and filing fees.   This is the case even if your loved one died leaving a will.  It still must be probated.  In Mr. DeArman’s practice he always does his best to counsel his clients to prepare a trust, which is much cheaper than the eventual probate, and will help avoid probate altogether.  For times when this hasn’t been done, however, he is here to help you through the difficult process of probating your loved one’s assets. If you need a probate done in Cleveland or Oklahoma county, or even some of the other outlying counties around Oklahoma City, please feel free to give Ryan a call.

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